I’ve written many tutorials on JavaScript. As I want to make them easy to learn from, I’ve complied a list of which posts to check out in what order if you want to learn JavaScript. If you want to know more about Code The Web, check out the welcome post.


These are optional but recommended. In tutorials, I might build on what’s covered here. I’d also recommed the set-up tutorial so you are writing and running your code in the same way as I am. Or, you can just skip to the tutorials.

How to learn a programming language

How to learn web development

Background knowledge

How the internet works


Practice web development on your computer


I make a new tutorial at least once a week. Over time, this list will grow. Sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date!

  1. Getting started with JavaScript!
  2. Variables in JavaScript
  3. All about IF statements and booleans in JavaScript!
  4. JavaScript Maths functions and operators
  5. For loops and while loops in JavaScript
  6. The complete guide to JavaScript functions
  7. The complete guide to JavaScript arrays
  8. JavaScript Objects
  9. How to change HTML and CSS with JavaScript — an introduction to the DOM

Other resources you may find useful

These are just other articles I have written about stuff that isn’t programming, but will help you along your web development journey.